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Recreational Areas

The Recreational Areas of Oak Ridge Village HOA consist of the Club House, Playground, and Swimming Pool.

Please visit Report A Common Area Issue or email contact@spectrumam.com to report a pool issue, concern, or violation.

  • The Pool is closed during Winter months.
  • Pool season dates are determined by the BOD each year and generally announced in March.
  • Contact Spectrum Association Management at Access & Amenities to acquire your access card(s).
  • Lifeguards are required for pool parties.

Contact Spectrum Association Management Facility Reservation or contact@spectrumam.com about clubhouse/pool reservations and scheduling lifeguards.

Reservations for the Clubhouse and/or Pool require the following to be at the Association Management Office at least 14 days (2 weeks) prior to the event:

  • Signed Lease
  • All Fees Paid
  • Life Guard Certifications (If renting the pool)
  • Security Guard Information

For new members, you may obtain a pool key card by emailing contact@spectrumam.com or online at Community Pool Access.


  • Unsupervised under age swimming is NOT ALLOWED!
  • All swimmers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult Member at all times. No Exceptions.
  • The pool is open from Spring Break to October 31st. 5:30 AM to 10:30 PM
  • The pool will be closed for maintenance & chemical cleaning on Tuesdays.
  • The pool may be closed for emergencies, repairs or for safety concerns without notice. Check this web site for information on pool closures.
  • Pool parties REQUIRE lifeguards. Please read the pool rules for complete information regarding pool party reservations.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in any HOA recreational area.
  • Please refrain from letting residents through the pool gate without using their pass cards.