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Committees of the HOA serve the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors appoint the members of the Committees and define
the scope of work and funding for the Committee.
Click Here for the current roster of volunteers for our Committees.

Community involvement is essential to the success of any neighborhood.
Volunteers are needed on all Committees - Please Volunteer!

The HOA Depends On Volunteers
A reminder to our fellow neighbors and property owners that everything the Oak Ridge Village community realizes is due solely to volunteer efforts. Without all of us volunteering our time, talents and energies, very little would get done. Please, if you have not been able to volunteer in the past or you have not the inclination to volunteer, rethink your position. Our community will continue to flourish provided it continues to have an effective board of directors and efficient committees. All of us are very busy but at some point we will need your service.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) -
        3 members - appointed by BOD
    Activity Center Committee
    Communications Committee
    Finance Committee
    Safety Committee
    Social Committee

Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
The responsibility of the Architectural Control Committee is to review Improvement Requests and insure the submitted improvement conforms to the Community’s recorded Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR’s) and/or approved Architectural Standards and Guidelines.
Members of the ACC are appointed by the Board of Directors.
Members of the ACC are kept confidential.
If there are no volunteers, the Board of Directors will assume the role of the Committee.

Communications Committee
The responsibility of the Communications Committee is to form a network of communications among the entire Association, the Board, and Committees. This may include publications of a Community Newsletter, a Directory of Members, an internet web site, Community Alerts, or other forms of media.

Finance Committee
The responsibility of the Finance Committee
for reviewing and providing guidance for the organization's financial matters. Specifically, the committee assures internal controls, independent audit, and financial analysis for the organization.  This Committee is Chaired by the Board’s Treasurer.

Activity Center Committee Guidelines
Communications Committee Guidelines
Finance Committee Guidelines
Safety Committee Guidelines
Social Committee Guidelines
    Roster of Committee Volunteers

Social Committee
The responsibility of the Social Committee is to assist the Board in welcoming new residents to the community and the planning of social activities to promote community involvement for the benefit of all residents. Events may include community wide garage sales, National Night Out, block parties, Holiday decorations, and other events.

Contact the committee for more information

Safety Committee
The responsibility of the Safety Committee is to advise and assist the Board in developing and carrying out programs to promote safety, deter speeding, crime prevention, National Night Out, and a Neighborhood Watch program.

Activity Center Committee
The responsibility of the Activity Center Committee is to assist the Board by providing adult supervision/monitors at the community swimming pool, scheduling pool hours, and assist with club house rentals as key holders conducting check-in and check-out procedures, and activity center maintenance oversight.

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